Young Nigerian man bags masters degree in law at US university, celebrates unique achievement

Young Nigerian man bags masters degree in law at US university, celebrates unique achievement

A young Nigerian man named Abdulrasheed Ijaodola has bagged a master’s degree in Law from Stanford University, United States.

Abdulrasheed Ijaodola obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law from Igbiniedon University, Nigeria with first-class honors before moving on to Nigerian Law School where he also graduated with first-class honors

Ijaodola was also the second best graduating student in his graduating class and was sworn in as a barrister and solicitor of law in Nigeria. He further bagged a master’s in Intellectual Property and Technology law at the same Igbiniedon University, Nigeria.

Ijaodola has recently earned another Master’s degree in Law, specifically emphasizing Law, Science, and Technology, from Stanford University in the United States. He achieved honors in two of his relevant courses, Venture Capital Law and the Law and Business of Patent and Technology Licensing.

He announced his accomplishment on Twitter, expressing that he pursued a Master of Law degree specializing in the fields of Law, Science, and Technology with the intention of acquiring knowledge on how to add value to emerging companies in the necessary areas across all industries.

”Today, I graduated from Stanford with my masters in law, with a focus in law, science, and technology, I expended considerable time exploring how to add value to emerging companies by advising them throughout their lifecycles, specifically on raising venture capital and licensing intellectual properties and technologies.,” he said.

Ijaodola expressed his gratitude to his family and friends for their support and guidance while he was at Stanford. He also thanked his classmates and colleagues and employees, stating that they contributed a significant part to his growth as a lawyer.

”First, I am grateful for my parents, siblings and family who supported me through everything. I am grateful for my former employers who invested heavily in my growth, played a substantial part in Stanford happening, and in whom I found another family,” Ijaodola said.

”I am especially grateful for my friends (including those I made at Stanford) who have overwhelmed me with love and support that I do not think I deserve,” he added.

He said he hopes that everyone around him would work towards promoting positive change wherever they are. ”I will devote my time to leading with my humanity and advocating for positive change in the world. I charge you to do the same,” he said.

Ijaodola said he will be spending the next years of his life going deeper into being an expert in all of the areas he has acquired knowledge through his educational journey.

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